NMR and Peptides Research Group


I am a motivated researcher with extensive experience in the areas of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Peptides. Research work in my group shall focus on the following two aspects, with the ultimate aims in drug designing.
     1. NMR and Applications: Development of NMR spectroscopy methods shall be carried out with special interest towards small molecules where we shall address the issues of insufficient 1H spectral  resolution, unambiguous assignment of relative stereochemical configurations and also to determine NMR based experimental conformations of a certain set of molecules, whose structural details otherwise are only obtained from theoretical studies.

     2. Peptide Based Drug Design (PBDD) and Peptide Chemical Biology: An extensive program on peptides is underway in our research group. We shall be engaged in the development of various synthetic modification tools that can lead to distinct and unexplored conformations in peptides. These methods along with the available know how to understand as well as to improve the ADMET properties of peptides and further to develop peptide based ligands for interesting biological receptors.

Dr. Udaya Kiran Marelli
Scientist (Ad-hoc)
Room 101, Central NMR Facility
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pashan 411 008, Pune
Maharashtra, India.
Phone: +91 20 2590 2563


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