The Luwang Research Group 

 Group Leader:

 Dr. Meitram Niraj Luwang 


020 2590 2337 (Students room, PP-I) 

020 2590 2816 (Lab, PP-III) 


Ms. Suman Devi (CSIR-RA; 2021)

Phone: 020 2590 2816 / 2337

She has completed her M.Tech in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in 2010 from University of Madras and has joined NCL in 2012 as PA. Later in 2014 she was awarded  for Direct-SRF from CSIR and has joined Ph.D. in 2015.  She has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on  "Luminescent Nanomaterials and their Applications in May 2022. She has also received best publication award in 2022. Presently she is working as Research Associate in our group.


Mr. Janardhan (PhD - ISC ; 2022)



Phone: 020 2590 2816 / 2337

He has completed his B. Sc. Biotechnology.and M. Sc. Organic chemistry from Sri Venkateshwara University  (Andhra Pradesh) in the year of 2012. He has 9.5 year of research experience on the electronic material synthesis for device fabrication. He joint our group as an Industry Sponsored student in 2022

Current research area: Synthesis of nanomaterial & quantum dots for sensor application.

Ms. Anjana (CSIR-SRF; 2022)


Co-Guide: Dr Santosh Meena

She has completed her M. Sc. Organic chemistry in 2019 from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University (Maharashtra). She joined our research group as a  PhD student in 2022

Current research area: Design and synthesis of lipid-based nanoparticles for drug delivery

Mr. Kush (PhD - IDDP; 2022)


Co-guide: Dr Santosh Meena

He has completed his B. Tech chemical engineering degree from NIT Bhopal in the  year of 2019. He joined our group as a IDDP (Integrated Dual Degree Program) in 2022.

Current research area: Understanding the growth of chiral nanoparticle and theoretical study  of metal-organic frameworks for hydrogen storage  



Mr. Pollan Konwar (Mizoram University)


Phone: 020 2590 2816 / 2337

He has completed his M. Sc. Organic Chemistry in 2018 from Mizoram University. Currently he pursuing PhD degree in Chemistry department  of Mizoram University. He joined our research group as a visiting PhD Student in 2022.

Current research area: Fabrication of multifunctional carbon based quantum dots


Mr Subhangkar Soubam (2021) Felow for the DST Project "Development of low cost Arsenic Sensor"




Phone: 020 2590 2816 / 2337

He has completed his M. Sc. Chemistry from NIT Manipur in the year of 2022.  He joined our research group as a project assistant in 2022.

Current research area: Development of low cost arsenic sensor



Ms Mridula (MSc 2022, Shivaji University, Kolhapur)


Phone: 020 2590 2816 / 2337


Currently she is pursuing degree in Nanoscience and Technology from Shivaji University Kolhapur.  She joined our research group as a Master Intern in 2022.

Current research area: Synthesis of Up converting Nanoparticles and its application



Dr. Debasish Ghosh, PhD student (2012-2016)

Present position: Scientific Officer, Geological Survey of India, GoI

Dr. Nimrodh Ananth, NPDF (2017-2019)

Present position:

Dr. Namdev Harale, CSIR_RA (2018-2020)

Present position: Asst Professor, SGM College, Karad

Dr. Praveen Kumar, PhD Student (2015-2021)

Present Position: PDF, New York University, Abu Dhabi

Dr Suman Devi PhD Student (2015-2022)

Present position: CSIR-RA, NCL, Pune



2012-13: Varsha (M. Pharm)

2013-14: Rajashree (M.Tech), Sandeep (M. Tech)

2014-15: Apurva (M.Sc.), Aviraj (M. Tech), Premananda (Visiting PhD), Khushu Verma (MTech)

2015-16: Penli (M.Sc), Joel (MTech), Pradeep (MTech), Aviraj (MTech), Ramanjot (MTech), Manish (M. Tech)

2016-17: Pritam (M.Sc.), Rujuta (B.Tech), Meiraba (BS-MS), Rakesh (MTech)

2017-18: Dolly (BTech), Abdul (M Pharm), Ankita (BTech), Nikalabh (BTech), Smruti (BTech), Kartik (MTech)

2018-19: Somnath (MTech), Poonam (MSc), Reena (BS-MS), Devendra (MSc), Geetu (MSc). Zerlina (MSc)

2019-20:  Shakshi (PA)

2020-21: Sheena (Intern)

2021-22: Shubhangkar (MSc), Dr Sunita (PA), Neha (MSc), Farha (MSc)

2022-23: Dr Anurag (PA)