Instrument development

Instrument Development  - R & D projects:

Project Sponsorer Responsibility
Development of Brewster Angle Microscope BRNS, D.A.E. Principle Investigator
Mechanism and Kinetics of NO reduction reaction on noble metal catalyst – from Single crystal surface to supported model catalysts,
(Fabrication of Molecular Beam Instrument and its implementation in catalysis area)
Volkswagen Foundation, Germany Principle Investigator for Instrumentation
Development of Infra red Spectrophotometer. (Ratio recording principle) D.S.T Embedded Instrumentation: Hardware,
Assembly software and interfaces,
Dual Microprocessors based technology for X and Y axis control
Non Dispersive Infra Red Analyser. D.S.T. microcontroller based technology
Development of Modular High Pressure Liquid Chromatography . D.S.T Microcontroller and PC based instrumentation
Leaf Area meter D.S.T. single chip microcontroller technology
Auto Sampler Toshniwal Instruments, Z-80 microprocessor technology with 16 digit display
Microprocessor based IR spectrometer D.S.T. Z-80 microprocessor technology for X axis control and calculations.

Instrument Development completed for in house projects:

  • Smart wireless instrumentation for real time processes in Chemical Engineering
  • Fabrication of commercial embedded system for molecular recognition processes.
  • Development of portable data acquisition system for Vortex diode setup.
  • Indigenous development of Langmuir trough and its automation with Brewster Angle Microscope using LabVIEW
  • Development of high current 45A, 5V intelligent power supply with PC connectivity to energise the electromagnet
  • PC based data acquisition system for determination of I-V characteristics of battery
  • Interfacing PC with Keithley Instruments, development of user interactive software
  • PC based data acquisition system for gas sensor characterisation for resistance calculations.
  • Windows based API development for imaging monolayer movement.
  • Design and development of microcontroller module for Falling ball viscometer