Research Group Publications

  • Kaustav Bhattacharjee, Korak Biswas And and Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, Unraveling the Role of Excess Ligand in Nanoparticle Pattern Formation from an Evaporatively Dewetting Nanofluid Droplet, Journal of Physical Chemistry C., 124, 23446 - 23453 (2020), DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c07259.
    Nanoparticle (NP) patterning on a solid surface via nanofluid droplet evaporation is one of the most fascinating topics of research. Quite intriguingly, though a dose of excess ligand has been invariably included in all of the experimental studies that resulted in large-area NP patterns, the role of this excess ligand has been addressed inadequately in the modeling studies carried out so far. Addressing this, we have conducted systematic studies by including excess ligand both in our experiments and modeling, and correlated the results with each other. For this, we prepared nearly monodispersed thiolprotected gold nanoparticle dispersion in toluene and added calculated amounts of excess thiol before drop-casting it onto a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) grid. Subsequently, upon solvent evaporation, the patterns formed were imaged using conventional electron microscopy and analyzed with customized image processing tools, to perform statistically significant measurements. Our study demonstrates the ability of soluble excess ligand to induce NP aggregation under nonequilibrium condition, leading to large-area monolayer formation. These experimental results were then rationalized by Monte Carlo simulations, based on a modified coarse-grained two-dimensional (2D) lattice-gas model. We found that excess ligand facilitates NP spinodal phase separation under nonequilibrium conditions, largely governed by the interplay between ligand?solvent and nanoparticle?ligand interactions. Using power spectrum density analysis, we clearly demonstrate that these spatial patterns have fractal surface characteristics due to persistent fractional Brownian motion within subdiffusion limit.
  • Poulomi Sengupta, Vinay Agrawal And Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad*, Development of a Smart Scaffold for Sequential Cancer Chemotherapy and Tissue Engineering, ACS Omega., 5, 20724 - 20733 (2020), DOI:10.1021/acsomega.9b03694.
    The fabrication of a dual-functional drug-containing porous polymeric scaffold by layer-by-layer surface modification involving citrate-stabilized gold nanoparticles and cisplatin molecules is being reported. These scaffolds were characterized by electron microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The capability of the scaffolds to release hydrated cisplatin in a slow and sustained manner over two days is established. Most importantly, the scaffolds turn nontoxic and cell-friendly after drug release, thus allowing the noncancerous fibroblast cells to adhere and proliferate (from 5000 cells to 16,000 cells in 6 days), becoming a potential solution toward an effective drug-carrying scaffold for volume-filling applications. The scaffold-mediated cancer cell killing and fibroblast cell proliferation were confirmed by fluorescence microscopy imaging, flow cytometry, and cell proliferation assays. We surmise that such a dual-purpose (drug-delivery and volume-filler) scaffold could help avoid the multiple surgical interventions needed for tumor surgery and cosmetic corrections. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first example of scaffolds with such a dual functionality which gets manifested in a sequential manner.
  • Rajalaxmi Sahoo, D.S. Shankar Rao, Uma S. Hiremath, C.V. Yelamaggad, Pravin Shinde, B.L.V. Prasad And S. Krishna Prasad, Influence of gold nanorods on the structure and photonic bandgap in atwist grain boundary phase with smectic C* blocks, Journal of Molecular Liquids., 299, 112117(1 - 10) (2020), DOI:10.1016/j.molliq.2019.112117.
  • Pooja S. Deshpande, Vijay R. Chaudhari And and Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, Mechanistic Aspects of Methanol Electro-Oxidation Reaction through Cyclic Voltammetry: Is It Correct to Blame Carbon Monoxide for Catalyst Poisoning?, Energy Technology., 8, 1900955(1 - 7) (2020), DOI:10.1002/ente.201900955.
  • Jayesh R Shimpi, Vijay Raman Chaudhari And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, Ligand-solvent compatibility: The unsung hero in the digestive ripening story, Langmuir., 34, 13680 - 13689 (2018), DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b02699.
    Digestive ripening (DR) is a process where a polydisperse nanocrystal (NC) system is converted into a monodisperse one with the aid of thermal heating of NCs in the presence of an excess surface-active organic ligand called digestive ripening agent (DRA) and a solvent. Here, we demonstrate that the solvent?DRA compatibility influences the final size and size distribution of the NCs in a significant manner. Accordingly, in this study, using the DR of gold NCs as the test case with alkanethiol (decanethiol/C10HT) and fluorinated thiol (1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluorodecanethiol/C10FT) as DRA’s and toluene and ?,?,?- trifluoro-toluene (TFT) and their combination as solvents, we clearly establish that alkanethiols result in best-quality NCs after DR in toluene while the fluorinated thiols provide reasonably monodispersed NCs in TFT. Our results also ascertain that even when DR is carried out in a mixture of solvents, as long as the compatible solvent is the major component, the DR process results in reasonably monodisperse NCs. As soon as the amount of uncompatible solvent exceeds a threshold limit, there is perceptible increase in the polydispersity of the NCs. We conclude that the polarity of the solvent, which affects the buildup of ligated atoms/clusters, plays a key role in controlling the size distributions of the NCs.
  • Arun Nikam, Prasad Bhagavatula And Amol Kulkarni , Wet Chemical Synthesis of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: A Review, Cryst. Eng. Comm., , (2018), DOI:10.1039/C8CE00487K.
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  • Abhijit Bera, B. Busupalli And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, Solvent-less Solid State Synthesis of Dispersible Metal and Semiconducting Metal Sulfde Nanocrystals, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., , (2018), DOI:10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b02292.
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  • Abhijit Bera And Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, 2D Molecular Precursor for a One Pot Synthesis of Semiconducting Metal Sulphide Nanocrystals, Bull. Mater. Sci., , (2018).
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  • Abhijit Bera, Debranjan Mandal, Prasenjit N. Goswami, Arup Kumar Rath And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, A generic and scalable method for the preparation of monodispersed metal sulfide nanocrystals with tunable optical properties, Langmuir., 34, 5788 - 5797 (2018), DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b00741.
  • Poulomi Sengupta And Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, Surface modification of polymers for tissue engineering applications: Arginine acts as a sticky protein equivalent for viable cell accommodation, ACS Omega., 3(4), 4242 - 4251 (2018), DOI:10.1021/acsomega.8b00215.
  • Poulomi Sengupta And Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, Surface Modification of Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications, Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine., , (2018), DOI:10.1007/s40883-018-0050-6.
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  • Poulomi Sengupta, Sachin. S. Surwase And Bhagavatula L. V. Prasad, Modification of porous polyethylene scaffolds for cell attachment and proliferation, International Journal of Nanomedicine., 13, 87 - 90 (2018), DOI:10.2147/IJN.S125000.
  • Prabhu Dhasaiyan, Sylvain Prévost, Niki Baccile And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, pH- and time-resolved in-situ SAXS study of self-assembled twisted ribbons formed by elaidic acid sophorolipids, Langmuir., 34(5), 2121 - 2131 (2018), DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b03164.
  • Jhumur Seth, Prashant Dubey, Vijay Chaudhari And Prasad Bhagavatula , Preparation of metal oxide supported catalysts and their utilization for understanding the effect of support on the catalytic activity, New J. Chem., 42, 402 - 410 (2018), DOI:10.1039/C7NJ03753H.
  • Jayesh R Shimpi, Deepti S Sidhaye And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, Digestive Ripening: A fine chemical machining process on the nanoscale, Langmuir., 33, 9491 - 9507 (2017), DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b00193.
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  • Jhumur Seth, Devadutta Nepak, Vijay R. Chaudhari And Bhagavatula L.V. Prasad, Preparation of MgO supported platinum nanoparticle catalyst using toluene dispersed platinum sol, Applied Surface Science., 418 Part A, 87 - 91 (2017), DOI:10.1016/j.apsusc.2016.12.058.
  • D.Prabhu, P. Le Griel, S. Roelants, E. Redant, I. N. A. V. Bogaert, S. Prevost, B. L. V. Prasad And N. Baccile, Micelles vs. ribbons: How congeners drive the self-assembly of acidic sophorolipid biosurfactants, Chem.Phys.Chem., 18, 643 - 652 (2017), DOI:10.1002/cphc.201601323R1.
  • Puspanjali Sahu, Jayesh Shimpi, Han Ju Lee, T. Randall Lee And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, Digestive Ripening of Au Nanoparticles by Multidentate Ligands, Langmuir., 33, 1943 - 1950 (2017), DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b03998.
  • Arun V Nikam, Amol A Kulkarni And Bhagavatula L V Prasad, Microwave assisted batch and continuous flow synthesis of palladium supported on magnetic nickel nanocrystals and their evaluation as reusable catalyst, Cryst. Growth Des., 17, 5163 - 5169 (2017), DOI:10.1021/acs.cgd.7b00639.
  • S.Surwase, H. Balakrishnan, S K Acharya, G K Makharia, G Kumaraswamy And B L V Prasad, Accelerated in vitro model for occlusion of biliary stents: investigating the role played by dietary fibre, BMJ Innovations., , (2017), DOI:10.1136/bmjinnov-2017-000209.
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  • Pravin Shinde, Sayam Sen Gupta, Baljeet singh, Vivek Polshettiwar And Prasad Bhagavatula, Amphi-Functional Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Dye Separation, J. Mater. Chem. A., 5, 14914 - 14921 (2017), DOI:10.1039/C7TA03904B.
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  • Rajashree Dhananjay Jadhav, Shreenivas V Bhide, B. L. V. Prasad And Jayesh Shimpi, Applications of silver nanoparticles in prosthodontics: An overview, European Journal of Prosthodontics., 4, 45 - 63 (2017), DOI:10.4103/EJP.EJP_24_16.
  • D. Prabhu And B. L. V. Prasad, Self - Assemblies of Bolaamphiphilic Molecules, Chem Rec., 17, 1 - 15 (2017).
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  • B. Busupalli, S. Battu, S. K. Haram And B. L. V. Prasad, In situ Electrochemical Transformation of Ni?S? and Ni?S?-Ni from Sheets to Nanodisks: Towards Efficient Electrocatalysis for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER), Chemistry Select., 1, 6708 - 6712 (2016).
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    Cover Page Article
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