Subash’s Research Group is moved to


National Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences, National Institute of Importance, Bangalore, Karnataka    


Dr. Subashchandrabose Chinnathambi

Assistant Professor AcSIR and Senior Scientist

Neurobiology Group,

Biochemical Sciences Division

CSIR – National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road

Pune – 411 008, INDIA

Email: ;

Tele (office): 020-2590-2232

         (lab): 020-2590-2227

Fax: 020-2590-2648


Areas of Research Expertise


Direction of Interdisciplinary Research

Pathological Conformations of Tau Protein

Novel Therapeutics Startegies for Tau

Neuro-Glia Model for Tauopathy

Tau and GPCRs Signaling

Lab Focus


Undetstanding the molecular mechanims of Tau in solution by various biophysical and biochemical approach.

Understanding the roles of Tau oligomers and glial cells in health and disease.

To study the rolTau and Lipids modulates the GPCRs signaling in Alzheimers disease.

Therapeutic stratergies Tau oligomers or other various small molecules from natural and synthetic aspect on Chemical Neuroscinece approach.


Postdoctoral position:

Highly motivated scientists interested in protein aggregation machinery and protein-protein interaction with strong background in biochemsitry, cell biology and molecular biology are always encouraged to apply.

P.hD positions:

Students who will be completing M.Sc., degree soon with a CSIR - JRF fellowship, UGC, GATE, DBT, ICMR or INSPIRE fellowship and are interested to do Ph.D., in the area of Neuroscience, Medical Biochemistry and medical biotechnology are also encouraged to write to me.

Research Project positions:

Students in IIIrd B.Sc., or IInd M.Sc., in Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology with a good academic background and strong motivation to pursue a career in research can write to me for a possible internship or project assistantship.