Current students:

1) Mayur Sangole (Ph.D., Jan 2021 batch)

Research Topic: van der Wall's based magnetic materials for room temperature spintronic applications

2) Jyotsna Kolhi (Ph.D., Aug 2022 batch)

Research Topic: 2D materials based supercapacitors

3) Pritam Chakraborty (P.A.-I)

Research Topic: Solid state hydrogen storage based on metal hydrides

4) Barnika Chakraborty (P.A.-I)

Research Topic: 2D materials based supercapacitors

Former Students:

1) Jesna U.K.(M.Sc. Project, 2019-2020 Batch)

2) Madhusudan (SRTP Program, 2020 batch)

3) Kasturi (SRTP Program, 2020 batch)

4) Devsari Paul (SRTP Program, 2020 batch)

5) Kristal (SRTP Program, 2020 batch)

6) Shobha Singh ( Project 2020-2021 Batch, at Present Ph.D. Student at IIT Delhi)

7) Dr. Arun Dadwal- Post Doc fellow at IIT Bombay

Ph.D. Vacancies:

Highly motivated students from Physics, Material Science, Nanotechnology or Physical Chemistry background willing to work in the area of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics are encouraged to apply directly to me. Applications are open throughout the year, however the admissions will be made only in spring and Autumn Semester of ACSIR or CSIR-NCL. Only self-funded candidates will be entertained. 

Post Ph.D. Opportunities:

Highly motivated candidates who are willing to work in exciting and challenging field of magnetism are encouraged to apply directly to me at Applications will be open throughout the year. However, only self-funded candidates will be entertained.