Research interest: Our research group is extensively working on the following research areas.

1) Magnetic materials and devices

2) Thin film supercapacitors

3) Solid state hydrogen storage 

4) Smart materials like shape memory alloys

Fabrication tools:

Thin film fabrication facilities: We are expert in growing wide range (Oxides, Metals, Alloys) of high quality Epitaxial, highly oriented as well as amorphous thin films and heterostructures at various substrates & working temperatures using:

1) DC & RF Magnetron Sputtering in confocal geometry: 2 in quantity

2) Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique: KrF laser source

3) Chemical vapor deposition system

Fabrication of (i) single crystal bulk growth of 2D materials (Single crystal of 2D materials can be grown using flux method or chemical vapor transport method), (ii) Monolayers of 2D materials, & (iii) Bulk materials using: 

1) Two Zone Furnace (R.T. to 1300 C, highly controlled cooling rate)

2) Box Furnaces: R.T-1500 C

3) Vacuum Arc Melting System

Characterization Facilities:

1) Low temperature Resistivity Setup using: Home made Cryo, Keithley Sourcemeter and Nanovoltmeter. The setup is capable of measuring highly resistive sample (Mega-Giga Ohm) using 7 probe method

2) Magneto-transport facility: R.T.-Low Temperature

3) Ferrolectric Measurements using Radiant Precision Premier II in presence of B-Field, low temperature.

4) Squid-VSM (R.T- 350K, 7 Tesla)

5) Electrochemical work station with booster (Autolab)

6) Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (300-1000 K)

Central facilities:

1) Temperature dependent XRD

2) XPS

3) AFM


5) High Resolution TEM

6) micro Raman