Dr. Ramana obtained his M. Sc. from Andhra University, Waltair (1991) and Ph. D. from University of Hyderabad under the supervision of Professor M. Nagarajan (Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry). From 1998 to 2001 he was associated with Professor Andrea Vasella at ETH Zurich as a post-doctoral researcher (glycosidase inhibitors). From May 2001 onwards,  he had been associated with  NCL. At NCL, the focus of Ramana’s group include small molecules synthesis by employing a transition metal complexes and developing new catalytic methods. He is a receipient CSIR Young Scientist award in Chemical Sciences (2003), NCL's Scientist of the Year award (2009), Professor D. K. Banerjee Memorial Lecture Award - IISc Bangalore (2011) and CRSI Bronze Medal in chemical sciences (2013), Dr. A.V. Rama Rao Foundation Prize Lecture in Chemistry (2016) and Professor C.N.R. Rao National Prize in Chemical Sciences (2017).




C. V. Ramana, Ph. D

Division of Organic chemistry

CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road

Pune - 411 008, India

Phone : + 91 20 2590 2577

Fax:  + 91 20 2590 2629

Email  : vr.chepuri@ncl.res.in



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