Course Work

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory

List of PhD Courses offered in different semesters:

The following is the list of PhD courses offered in the January and August semesters under the disciplines of Chemical, Physical, Biological and Engineering Sciences. Some of the courses are compulsory for certain disciplines. Students are free to choose the elective courses from any discipline, depending on their area of research, to complete the required number of credits under each level.

Science courses:

Level 100
Research Methodology
Basic Mathematics and Numerical Methods
Analytical Methods & Instrumentation
Basic Chemistry for Interdisciplinary Sciences
Introduction to Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Level 200
Advanced Physical Chemistry 
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Advanced Materials Science
Advanced Polymer Chemistry
Advanced Surface Science
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Advanced Quantum Mechanics 
Advanced Organometallic Chemistry 
Advanced Biomaterials
Advanced Photochemistry
Advanced Catalysis     
Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques
Advanced Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Organic Spectroscopy Applications
Organic Reaction Mechanisms 
Organic Biomolecular Chemistry 
Green Chemistry

Advanced Techniques in Biology
Introduction to Infectious Diseases
Concepts in Microbiology 
Concepts in Plant Biotechnology
Structure Determination and Analysis of Biomolecules

Level 300
Mathematical Methods 
Numerical Methods
Total Synthesis 
Operando Surface Techniques 
Mass Spectrometry Applications
Chromatography Techniques 
X-ray Diffraction and Structure of Solids 
Electrochemical Power Sources 
Catalysis in Petroleum Refining
Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass 
Chemistry and Biology of Heterocycles 
Modern Polymerization Methods for Functional Macromolecules
Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics for Soft Matter

Applications of Plant Biotechnology 
Advances in Microbiology and Microbial technology
Beyond Genomes: Concepts in Comparative and Functional Genomics

Engineering courses:

Level 200
Transport Phenomena
Mathematical Fundamentals
Reaction and Reactor Engineering
Numerical Methods and Programming
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics

Level 300
Industrial Flow Modeling 
Data Driven Modeling 
Non-linear System Dynamics 
Modeling of Biological Systems 
Multiscale Simulations in Materials 
Advanced Topics in CES: Algorithms
Advanced Topics in CES: Separation Science 
Advanced Topics in CES: Environmental Pollution Control