Research Scholar Meet

Research Scholar Meet or RSM, as it is popularly known, is the most awaited annual event for every NCLite. Initiated in 1994 by enthusiastic PhD students, it was called “interface” and was meant to bring together NCL as a whole to participate, encourage and explore their potential outside research. Around 700 research students came together to display their creativity, talents and skills. Over the years, RSM has evolved dramatically and fine-tuned to perfection by a consolidated effort of the organizers, participants and the greater audience. A three day event held in the month of April, RSM encourages students to take some time out of their busy research work to practice and perfect their skills in various events. Loads of activities such as Sports, Dancing, Singing, Stage Performances, Painting, Photography, Quiz etc are organized to polish the skills of students in intellectual, cultural and athletic activities. RSM is truly a reflection of the passion and performance par excellence which is intrinsic of every NCLite. Besides the fun and frolic, students learn a great deal about team-work, team-motivation and encouragement, healthy competition and handling crucial situations. Its inspiring to see the seriousness with which students engage in preparing and participating in these events.

The event starts with lectures from eminent personalities. This is followed by an array of sports, cultural and literary activities. For the first time in NCL history, Rock Concert was included as a part of RSM event in 2012. The motive behind this initiation was to bring a new outlook to the fest and represent RSM as a beautiful amalgamation of classic and upbeat music which transcends all social and cultural barriers. Short films is another event that has been newly introduced into RSM this year. It seems to have gained everyone's interest and has turned out be a great success. Another event that has gained a large popularity among NCL crowd is the DJ Night. It provides an open dance floor for all NCLites to be possessed in the “trance” of groovy music and dance “wild” to their heart's content. After having satiated their hunger for fun and entertainment, their drained energy is replenished by “RSM dinner”.

In all, RSM is a once-in-a-year opportunity that every NCLite eagerly awaits to break away from their daily routine work and express themselves to everyone around.