Summer Training

Students who are in the process of completing their MSc. or B. Tech / M. Tech degrees from Universities and places other than NCL can choose to come to NCL for a brief period of two-to-six months in order to pursue a "Summer Project", as a part of completing the requirements of their MSc. or B. Tech / M. Tech degrees. The procedure for this involves the student getting in touch with an NCL scientist before coming to do the Summer Project, and the scientist agreeing to guide / mentor the student for a specified period. In adidtion to this, the student in question has to send an official request (hard copy) from the Head of the Division of the University they belong to, to the scientist. The scientist in question has to then indicate on this official request letter that he / she accepts the student as a "Summer Trainee" for the duration of the project. At the end of the Summer Training period, the student is expected to submit a report detailing the work that he / she has done during the period of Summer Training.