Research Group Publications

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  • Shweta Kishor Sonawane1, 2, Anshu Raina3, Amitabha Majumdar3 Subashchandrabose Chinnathambi 1, 2 And *, EGCG modulates nuclear formaldehyde-induced Tau phosphorylation in Neuronal cells, Under Review., , (2022).
  • Tushar Dubey 1, 5, H. V. Thulasiram6, 7, Subashchandrabose Chinnathambi 1, 7 And *, Bacopa monnieri modulate Tau phosphorylation and impaired nuclear transport, Under Revision., , (2022).
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  • Risov Das, Shreya Sarkar, Ritesh Kumar, Seethiraju D. Ramarao, Arjun Cherevotan, Mohammed Jasil, C. P. Vinod, Abhishek Kumar Singh And Sebastian C. Peter*, Noble-Metal-Free Heterojunction Photocatalyst for Selective CO2 Reduction to Methane upon Induced Strain Relaxation, ACS Catalysis., , 687 - 697 (2022), DOI:10.1021/acscatal.1c04587.
  • Lipipuspa Sahoo, Reeya Garg, Komalpreet Kaur, C. P. Vinod And Ujjal K. Gautam*, Ultrathin Twisty PdNi Alloy Nanowires as Highly Active ORR Electrocatalysts Exhibiting Morphology-Induced Durability over 200 K Cycles, Nano Letters., , (2022), DOI:10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c03704.
  • Ramanathan Vaidhyanathan*, Himan Dev Singh, Shyamapada Nandi, Debanjan Chakraborty, Kirandeep Singh And C. P. Vinod, Coordination flexibility aided CO2-specific gating in an Iron Isonicotinate MOF, Chemistry An Asian Journal., , (2022), DOI:10.1002/asia.202101305.
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    Woodhead Publishing Series in Electronic and Optical Materials "MICROSUPERCAPACITORS" Edited by KAZUFUMI KOBASHI & KAROLINA LASZCZYK, ISBN: 978-0-08-102888-9 (print), ISBN: 978-0-08-102889-6 (online).
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  • Smita Eknath Desale And Subashchandrabose Chinnathambi*, Alpha-Linoleanic acid modulates phagocytosis of extracellular Tau and induces microglial migration. Dec;15(1):84-100. doi: 10.1080/19336918.2021.1898727, Cell Adhesion & Migration., , (2021), DOI:Revision.
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    DOI: 10.1039/d1ob01207j
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    Dalton Transactions web collection themed around the topic of tin chemistry.
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    Highlighted in "Synfacts, 2021, 17, 1357" by Prof. Mark Lautens
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    IF 5.097
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    IF 12.959
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    Selected as HOT Paper
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    AbstractIdentifying factors that influence interactions at the surface is still an active area of research. In this study, we present the importance of analyzing bondlength activation, while interpreting Density Functional Theory (DFT) results, as yet another crucial indicator for catalytic activity. We studied theadsorption of small molecules, such as O 2 , N 2 , CO, and CO 2 , on seven face-centered cubic (fcc) transition metal surfaces (M = Ag, Au, Cu, Ir, Rh, Pt, and Pd) and their commonly studied facets (100, 110, and 111). Through our DFT investigations, we highlight the absence of linear correlation between adsorption energies (E ads ) and bondlength activation (BL act ). Our study indicates the importance of evaluating both to develop a better understanding of adsorption at surfaces. We also developed a Machine Learning (ML) model trained on simple periodic table properties to predict both, E ads and BL act . Our ML model gives an accuracy of Mean Absolute Error (MAE) ? 0.2 eV for E ads predictions and 0.02 Å for BL act predictions. The systematic study of the ML featuresthat affect E ads and BL act further reinforces the importance of looking beyond adsorption energies to get a full picture of surface interactions with DFT
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    Methane has long captured the world's spotlight for being the simplest and yet one of the most notorious hydrocarbon. Exploring its potential to be converted into value added products has raised a compelling interest. In the present work, we have studied the efficiency of Single-Atom Catalysts (SACs) for methane activation employing Density Functional Theory (DFT). The Climbing Image-Nudged Elastic Bond (CI-NEB) method is used in tandem with the Improved Dimer (ID) method to determine the minimum energy pathway for the first C-H bond dissociation of methane. Our study reported that the transition-metal doped Cu(111) surfaces enhance adsorption, activate C-H bond, and reduce activation barrier for first C-H bond cleavage of methane. The results suggest Ru/Co/Rh doped Cu(111) as promising candidates for methane activation with minimal activation barrier and less endothermic reaction. For these SACs, the calculated activation barriers for first C-H bond cleavage are 0.17 eV, 0.24 eV, and 0.26 eV respectively, which is substantially lower than 1.13 eV, the activation barrier for Cu(111).
  • Aathira Nair, Nivedita Kenge And Kavita Joshi, Role of facet in the competitive pathway of ethylene epoxidation, Surface Science., , (2021).
    Ethylene epoxide (EtO) is used as raw material for a broad range of products from pharmaceuticals and plastics to paints and adhesives. Although the reaction of ethylene interacting with preadsorbed oxygen on Ag surface is known for decades, the underlying mechanism of EtO formation is not completely understood. Successful investigation of oxametallacycle (OMC) intermediate common to selective as well as non-selective path- ways has ensured at least 50% selectivity. The current study brings out the electronic signatures of distinct conformers of OMC stabilized on two different facets of Ag viz. (100) and (111). There are subtle differences between OMC conformers observed on these two facets with near-eclipsed on Ag(100) and near- staggered on Ag(111). A de- tailed analysis of Ag-O, C-O, C-C, and Ag-C interactions along with projected Density of States (pDOS) and projected Crystal Orbital Hamilton Population (pCOHP) imply towards ring closure on Ag(100) and hydrogen transfer on Ag(111). Finally, our un derstanding based on electronic and structural signatures are backed up by activation barriers computed through NEB calculations. Activation barrier for EtO is lower on ( 100) as compared to (111) facet. Thus, our study sheds light on how these differences between OMC affect the selectivity towards EtO.
  • Sachin Kochrekar, Ajit Kalekar, Shweta Mehta, Pia Damlin, Mikko Salomäki, Sari Granroth, Niko Meltola, Kavita Joshi And Carita Kvarnström, Copolymers of bipyridinium and metal (Zn & Ni) porphyrin derivatives; theoretical insights and electrochemical activity towards CO2, RSC Advances., 11, 19844 - 19855 (2021).
    This study reports the electropolymerization of novel keto functionalized octaethyl metal porphyrins (Zn2+ and Ni2+) in the presence of 4,4?-bipyridine (4,4?-bpy) as a bridging nucleophile. The polymer films were characterized by electrochemical, spectroscopic (UV-Vis, XPS, FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy) and imaging (AFM and SEM) techniques. The absorption and electronic spectra confirm the presence of both porphyrin and 4,4?-bipyridine units in the film. The surface morphology reveals homogeneous film deposition with average roughness values of approx. 8 nm. The theoretical studies performed offered insights into the interplay of different metal centres (Zn2+ and Ni2+) and the keto functionality of the porphyrin unit in the formation of copolymer films. The electrochemical interaction of polymer films with CO2 suggests a reversible trap and release of CO2 with low energy barriers for both the polymers.
  • Rohit Modee, Sheena Agarwal, Ashwini Verma, Kavita Joshi And U. Deva Priyakumar , DART: Deep Learning Enabled Topological Interaction Model for Energy Prediction of Metal Clusters and its Application in Identifying Unique Low Energy Isomers, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., , (2021), DOI:DOI
    Recently, Machine Learning (ML) has proven to yield fast and accurate predictions of chemical properties to accelerate the discovery of novel molecules and materials. The majority of the work is on organic molecules, and much more work needs to be done for inorganic molecules, especially clusters. In the present work, we introduce a simple Topological Atomic Descriptor called TAD, which encodes chemical environment information of each atom in the cluster. TAD is a simple and interpretable descriptor where each value represents the atom count in three shells. We also introduce the DART, Deep Learning Enabled Topological Interaction model, which uses TAD as a feature vector to predict energies of metal clusters, in our case Gallium clusters with size ranging from 31 to 70 atoms. DART model is designed based on the principle that energy is a function of atomic interactions and allows us to model these complex atomic interactions to predict the energy. We further introduce a new dataset called GNC_31-70, which comprises structures and DFT optimized energies of Gallium clusters with sizes ranging from 31 to 70 atoms. We show how DART can be used to accelerate the identification of ground-state structures without geometry optimization. Albeit using topological descriptor, DART achieves MAE of 3.59 kcal/mol (0.15 eV) on testset. We also show that our model can distinguish core and surface atoms in the Ga-70 cluster, which the model has never encountered earlier. Finally, we demonstrate the transferability of DART model by predicting energies for about 6k unseen configurations picked up from Molecular Dynamics (MD) data for three cluster sizes (46, 57, and 60) within seconds. The DART model was able to reduce the load on DFT optimizations while identifying unique low energy structures from MD data.
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    Equal Contribution by the first two authors
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    (Invited article for a special issue on the occasion of Professor Pradeep Mathur 65th birthday)
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    Electrochemical oxygen reduction in a selective two-electron pathway is an efficient method for onsite production of H2O2. State of the art noble metal-based catalysts will be prohibitive for widespread applications, and hence earth-abundant oxide-based systems are most desired. Here we report transition metal (Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu)-doped silicates, Sr0.7Na0.3SiO3??, as potential electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction to H2O2 in alkaline conditions. These novel compounds are isostructural with the parent Sr0.7Na0.3SiO3?? and crystallize in monoclinic structure with corner-shared SiO4 groups forming cyclic trimers. The presence of Na stabilizes O vacancies created on doping, and the transition metal ions provide catalytically active sites. Electrochemical parameters estimated from Tafel and Koutechy–Levich plots suggest a two-electron transfer mechanism, indicating peroxide formation. This is confirmed by the rotating ring disc electrode method, and peroxide selectivity and Faradaic efficiency are calculated to be in the range of 65–82% and 50–68%, respectively, in a potential window 0.3 to 0.6 V (vs RHE). Of all the dopants, Ni imparts the maximum selectivity and efficiency as well as highest rate of formation of H2O2 at 1.65 ?mol s–1
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    Specificity in oxygen reduction and evolution reactions is pivotal in bifunctional catalysts in advanced energy devices which are expected to be active in a wide potential window and stable in both electrochemically reducing and oxidising atmospheres. State of the art noble metal catalysts for these reactions are fraught with issues whereas, metal oxides are expected to be stable in large potential window and can be tuned to have better bifunctional activity. Catalytically active metals, redox centers, oxygen vacancies etc. are some of the features of structured oxides which can be exploited in oxygen electrocatalysis. Brownmillerite family of compounds with general formula, A2B2O5 has high concentrations of ordered oxygen vacancy in a layer and can be promising bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts, by appropriate B site doping. Ba2In2O5 is a well studied system for its oxide ion conductivity and proximity of active B sites to O vacancies provide good O adsorption sites which are catalytically active. Here, Cobalt and Cerium are co-doped in Ba2In2O5, anticipating a synergistic effect of Ce(III)/Ce(IV) redox center in ORR and Co activity in OER along with O vacancies providing adsorption sites. We have studied the structural changes associated with the doping by Rietveld refinement of the XRD patterns and correlated the structure to bifunctional oxygen electrocatalytic activity which is found to enhance on increasing the Co and Ce content.
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