Director Message

Message to All NCL Staff

Dear NCL’ites:

Dr Vijayamohanan, Director of NCL

It is now about a month since I assumed responsibility as the Director of this prestigious chemical sciences and engineering research laboratory CSIR ? NCL. I come from the academic stream, having taught at the University of Hyderabad for over 25 years. My experience so far was mostly with students (MSc teaching, research lab PhDs) and faculty colleagues in the department. Here I am faced with multiple situations and questions dealing with science, technology, administration, finance, cash flow, liaise with industry and government, and many more, all in a single day. I am still adjusting to dealing with so many different events and taking on the spot decisions on several matters, sometimes with minimal information given the pressures of time and work flow.

By now some of you would have seen my work style – seek whatever information is required for clarification and then take the decision. I hope to continue the same style, except that with time I will hopefully have fewer queries, as I become familiar with this workplace and environment. Being an academic by habit, you will find that I tend to take decisions more by discussion and consensus, reaching the answers by some sort of least squares refinement method iteratively, almost asymptotically! This may take longer time and more effort on part of all of you (and me), but in the end I believe we will make the best decisions for NCL in this way. Moreover, since all you know more about NCL and CSIR than I do, this is perhaps a safe approach.

As mentioned in my opening day speech, I consider myself more as the captain of Team NCL. My goal is to enthuse and energize all divisions and departments of our laboratory so that we can reach even higher goals and much farther targets in science and technology. We should reach out to society and industry, in Pune, and in the country, and make even a global impact. As you know, the budget of DSIR this year is the same as that for last year. This places an extraordinary responsibility on all of us to deliver ‘more bang for the same buck’. I would like to see the 3Rs (reduce, recycle, renew) and MLM (more from less for more) become a way of work management not only in the research labs but also in our daily life. NCL should become the one stop shop for chemical research, innovation and technology at affordable cost.

Thank you NCL for welcoming me into the CSIR family.

Best wishes,

Ashwini Kumar Nangia